Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) and Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) is essential to modernising the construction industry.

For any project to move from concept, through to design, detailing, engineering, machinery exports and production on the factory floor, ViRIDI’s team will need to complete a detailed 3D structural model and shop drawings. To start this process, we need fully coordinated architectural, structural and services designs documents so that we can make informed modelling decisions to ensure that we add maximum value.

Even though the architectural, structural and services designs need to be completed and certified by the project specific consultants, ViRIDI will work closely with the project team to assist in the integration of the ViRIDI prefab solutions into the project design.

VIRIDI has a highly skilled design team, with a wealth of experience in both construction and manufacturing. Our team can assist your design stakeholders in determining what solutions are best for your project and how these solutions are most efficiently incorporated into existing & proposed designs.

Our team adds exceptional value by helping clients and their designer stakeholders early in conceptual design on how to best incorporate VIRIDI’s solutions into projects, resulting in the most sustainable and cost effective solution that can be delivered on site efficiently & affordably, to a high quality standard. Our team also have extensive experience in the design, certification & compliance of mass timber and other technical design projects.

The Design Integration Process



We have a team of experts on-hand to assess every projects viablility. Send over floor plans or concept drawings to us and we will ensure to provide you with the solutions to integrate a prefabrication solution.



Once we have assessed the project, our expert will provide a scope, programme and budget proposal for our products. We will also help to identify other cost saving benefits such as a reduction in temporary works.



Our 3D modelling and design integration team are here to assist all projects to develop details that are specific to the prefabrication process. We ensure the installation process is as streamlined as possible on-site.



We produce all shop drawings for sign off by the client. Only after these are accepted will we head into procurement and manufacturing. Building components can be viewed at any point in the process in the ViRIDI factory.

Let's Build Together

ViRIDI is here to explore your prefabrication opportunities. Get in touch with one of our team today to discover the advantages of this construction method for your project!

We’re not just building structures; we’re refining construction through advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring quicker project turnaround times and unwavering confidence in project delivery.



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