ViRIDI is an advanced manufacturer of sustainable & healthy building solutions that inspires positive change in the communities we live and enriches peoples lives.

Pioneering Innovation in Modern Construction Solutions

At Viridi, we lead the way in revolutionising construction through innovation, advanced manufacturing, and modern methods. Our expertise enables us to deliver cutting-edge pre-fabricated building components that address the challenges encountered in traditional construction methods.

Guided by a passion for sustainability and a commitment to excellence, we harness the power of technology and sustainable materials to transform the construction landscape, offering efficient and sustainable solutions for the future.


At ViRIDI Group, we take pride in our 12,000 sqm advanced manufacturing facility located in South-West Sydney. Home to our innovative operations, this state-of-the-art facility empowers us to deliver Kit-of-Parts Components and Modular Construction solutions. With our team’s extensive experience in designing and deploying some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the southern hemisphere, we are committed to redefining construction through cutting-edge products & solutions.

Over the past 25 years the ViRIDI team have delivered a range of complex and varying scale building and construction projects as either the Head Contractor, Design Consultant or Manufacturer. Most of these projects were delivered under a traditional design and construct platform, which means that we have a very comprehensive understanding of the design and construction challenges facing the industry.

The ViRIDI Group team understand what solutions add value to our clients and how to best utilise our products and solutions.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a way of designing and constructing a project through assembly whilst considering efficient manufacturing principles. DfMA projects are delivered faster with a higher level of quality whilst achieving a more sustainable outcome through less waste.

Using a DfMA approach means that building elements are created in a manufacturing environment rather than on site, and the technology lends itself more to standardised designs and specifications. As a result, DfMA principles use less energy, consume less carbon, create less waste and are also safer.

Our team have been involved in the design and delivery of many projects that have been intended for manufacture, and have been at the forefront of DfMA in the Australian construction industry. The team have provided extensive support and technical advice to many Developers, Institutions and Government Departments (including Schools Infrastructure NSW, Department of Defence, University of Newcastle, Macquarie University and Mulpha), helping them design and deliver project utilising DfMA principles.

Timber is without doubt the most sustainable building material on the planet through its ability to absorb and store cabin from the earth’s atmosphere. These suitable benefits of wood coupled with its light weight and superior structural performance makes it an excellent alternative to more traditional commercial and large-scale construction materials such as concrete and steel.

Recent advancements in engineered timber have allowed standard sawn timber to be engineered into larger prefabricated and/or mass timber elements that can be used to construct large scale residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

Prefabricated and mass timber is also an excellent fit with DfMA principles as timber is easily fabricated using 3D modelling and advanced manufacturing techniques. This technological connection coupled with the sustainable benefits is why ViRIDI use timber as the primary structural elements of our prefabricated solutions.

ViRIDI Group have been involved in the successful establishment and operation of several manufacturing facilities in Australia. We have also visited countless timber prefabrication facilities around the world, and it is this knowledge that has been instrumental in the set up and continual improvements of our advanced manufacturing facility in Campbelltown NSW.

The key to a successful manufacturing facility is understanding the product and how it is used by the consumer. We combine design, construction and manufacturing experience to ensure that all our products are produced ensure that the best possible outcome is achieve for our clients.

Recent changes to the Building Code of Australia and the increased interest in prefabricated timber solutions makes it essential that manufacturers and suppliers continually develop their products and maintain current compliance.

ViRIDI Group understands the compliance requirements for timber design and construction in Australia and we are committed to obtaining and maintain current compliance across our entire product range. We have also developed several new and innovative prefabricated and hybrid structural timber solutions to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve.

ViRIDI Group are committed to the constant improvement of our offering to the market and we will continue to develop new and innovative products to make sure that we remain the market leaders in prefabricated timber solutions in Australia.

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