Smarter, Sustainable Construction: Building for a Better Tomorrow

We are focused on revolutionising the construction process, leaving inefficient and outdated practices in the past.

Our cutting edge facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, is fast-tracking building projects using pre-fabricated, modular, off-site manufactured components whilst maintaining a focus on sustainability.

We’re pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and re-writing the rules of construction.


Experience streamlined construction processes and accelerated project timelines with our efficient building solutions, optimising productivity and minimising waste.


Discover our trailblazing approach to construction, where innovation meets sustainability, delivering cutting-edge building solutions that redefine industry standards.


Our experience, combined with our innovative approach, guarantees that your project will be in capable hands, resulting in efficient, high-quality outcomes.

Environmental Impact

Enhances environmental sustainability by minimising on-site disturbances, reducing waste and carbon footprint, and utilising sustainable materials and practices.

Cost Savings

Off-site manufacturing often results in cost savings due to reduced labor costs, less waste, lower risk of delays and errors, efficient material use, and predictable cost management.

Enhanced Efficiency & Speed

Off-site manufacturing shortens construction timelines through parallel progress at manufacturing facilities and construction sites, leading to quicker project completion.

Improved Quality & Consistency

Off-site manufacturing accelerates project completion by enabling simultaneous work at both the manufacturing facility and construction site.

ViRIDI Products

We offer a range of components that add significant value to your construction project. Our components are designed for efficient and rapid installation on-site, with maximum flexibility to suit a variety of project types, designs, and finishes.

Not only are our solutions highly adaptable, but they are also cost-effective, offering additional savings when designed around our Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) process and standardised designs.

With ViRIDI, you can achieve optimal cost and time efficiencies without compromising on quality, allowing you to build smarter and more sustainably.


We lead the industry in smart, sustainable building solutions, offering advanced offsite-manufactured building components and systems that outperform traditional construction methods in terms of efficiency and innovation.

At the heart of our mission is a drive for innovation and a better way to build. As proud supporters of local Australian manufacturing, our 12,000 sqm state-of-the-art facility in South West Sydney, NSW, is a testament to our dedication to local jobs and industry improvement. We drive change by delivering faster construction projects while minimising the risks associated with traditional construction methods.

If you’re looking to build for a better tomorrow and want a partner that embodies sustainable building solutions, Viridi is your answer.

Join us in transforming the Australian building industry for the better.

Let's Build Together

ViRIDI is here to explore your prefabrication opportunities. Get in touch with one of our team today to discover the advantages of this construction method for your project!

We’re not just building structures; we’re refining construction through advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring quicker project turnaround times and unwavering confidence in project delivery.



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